Inez Smith

Director of Occupancy

Inez Smith is Director of the Occupancy Department at the Newark Housing Authority. She has been with the agency for over 25 years with thorough knowledge and experience in public housing operations. In her capacity as Director of Occupancy, Ms. Smith is responsible for the day-to-to operations of the Occupancy Department. She is responsible for managing the overall Occupancy function ensuring that wait list policies and procedures are transparent and in compliance with HUD and NHA rules and regulations. In addition, manages waiting list administration, which includes tasks such as managing site based waiting lists for new admissions and managing resident transfer waiting lists. She is responsible for the coordination of application activities, updating waiting lists, opening and closing waiting lists, determining eligibility and suitability, initiating and follow-up related to criminal record screenings, selecting and assigning applicants to units consistent with agency policies and preferences and most importantly ensuring that all applicants are treated uniformly. Ms. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems (CIS).