Family Residences
Senior/Disabled Residences
The Newark Housing Authority’s affordable housing portfolio is made up of two general categories primarily based on the style of the home: family and senior/disabled high-rise residences. Family developments mainly consist of three-story walk-up apartments with common entranceways and hallways or as townhome developments consisting of attached, semi-attached, single-family or duplex homes. Homes designated for seniors and persons with a disability consist of high-rise apartment buildings with elevators.

Family Residences

NHA provides Family residences throughout the City with various designs including row homes, duplexes, single-family homes and townhouses. These units are owned by the Newark Housing Authority; however, in townhome units the utilities are individually metered and residents are responsible for establishing and maintaining the gas and electric while living in the home.

To learn more about a specific community, simply click the name of the townhome site of your choice:

The Newark Housing Authority is currently accepting applications only for persons who are near elderly, elderly and with a disability. All sites are not currently available for placement. A representative from the Occupancy Department is available at (973) 273-6129 or (973) 273-6106 to answer your questions.