Family Residences
Senior/Disabled Residences
NHA provides Family residences throughout the City with various designs including row homes, duplexes, single-family homes and townhouses. These units are owned by the Newark Housing Authority; however, at townhouse units the utilities are individually metered and residents are responsible for establishing and maintaining the gas and electric while living in the home. Homes designated for seniors and persons with a disability consist of high-rise apartment buildings with elevators.

Senior/Disabled Residences

The following housing communities consist of rental units throughout the City of Newark for families in which the Head of the Household, Co-Head or Spouse are near elderly (age 50-62), elderly (age 62+) or has a disability.

These buildings have recently been renovated and updated to offer residents a more comfortable and safer environment to live. Recent renovations include but are not limited to modernized community rooms, lounge areas, lobbies, and management offices. Entertainment features were added such as pool tables, flat screen televisions, and fireplaces. Many of the developments also received improved landscaping in the front and rear of the buildings and several sites had their outdoor patio spaces enhanced to better meet the needs of our residents.

To learn more about a specific community, simply click on the name of the Senior/Disabled site of your choice:

The Newark Housing Authority is currently accepting applications only for persons who are near elderly, elderly and with a disability. All sites are not currently available for placement. A representative from the Occupancy Department is available at (973) 273-6129 or (973) 273-6106 to answer your questions.