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The Newark Housing Authority (NHA) received one of 17 Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Planning Grants awarded nationwide by HUD in 2012. NHA will develop strategies or a transformation plan to revitalize the area surrounding the Seth Boyden Terrace housing complex, the Dayton Street Neighborhood. Building on the success of the HOPE VI program, CNI centers on the transformation of neighborhoods of extreme poverty into sustainable mixed-income communities, pursuant to a comprehensive, community-driven Transformation Plan (TP).

NHA will work with its residents, the City of Newark, Dayton Street Neighborhood community stakeholders, and partners to develop the TP. The community residents, stakeholders and partners will serve on voluntary Task Forces to assist and advise the NHA in the development of a written strategy for the TP. The Task Forces for the TP are: People; Education; Neighborhood/Capital Improvements; and Housing. A Steering Committee, comprised of a member or members from each Task Force, community leaders, and NHA, will further review and guide the process.

NHA and its partners will also develop a scheme to finance the actual neighborhood revitalization. The sources of funding for the revitalization may include conventional financing, public and private funds. The financing scheme or plan will leverage substantial local resources to provide new housing, economic opportunity, neighborhood amenities and facilities, case management and other services for the residents of Seth Boyden Terrace and the Dayton Street community at large.

Contact Person:  Gloria Wright, CNI Coordinator
Telephone:  (973) 273-6600

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Choice Neighborhoods Initiative

CNI Overview(PDF)

CNI Aerial Map - Dayton Street Neighborhood

Draft Transformation Plan

Final Dayton Street Transformation Plan

FinalDaytonStreetTransformationPlan Appendices

LEED ND Checklist

Steering Committee and Task Force Membership Lists

Administrative Data and Commercial Market Findings

Elevation and Floor Plans

Inventory of Key Supportive Services Providers

Residential Market Study

Resident Survey Report

Strategies and Timelines

CNI Current Activities

Health & Wellness Workshop

Neighborhood Watch Flyer 

April 30th - Dayton Street Workshop - Stress

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