I am proud to report that, like the residents it serves, NHA has proven time and again to be resilient and its future,

like that of the City it serves, is promising. Before I was appointed Executive Director in 2006, NHA was an agency

in shambles and on the verge of being taken over by the federal government. Today, NHA is stronger than ever

and stands ready to take on all future challenges.


Our resiliency was again recently tested. Superstorm Sandy damaged several of our properties and left many of

our residents in the dark. Simultaneously, NHA was hit with another storm in the form of severe federal budget

cuts which forced the unpaid furlough of NHA employees and reduced the dollars available to maintain our

properties and programs. The federal cuts follow a long-term Congressional pattern of underfunding housing

authorities. For example, NHA’s latest assessment shows an immediate need of $160M to modernize our

housing stock. Yet, Congress only provides NHA with $13M annually to address capital needs.


NHA will therefore face many difficult challenges in the coming years but I am confident that we will

meet those challenges. Our professional staff has a steadfast dedication to serving the 30,000 Newark residents

that are housed by NHA. I have witnessed firsthand NHA staff’s extraordinary commitment to improving the lives

of the residents of Newark and so know we will weather whatever future storms come our way.


Today, I reaffirm my commitment to complete our mission of investing in our families by building and maintaining

affordable housing and by encouraging self-sufficiency and healthy communities. I am more committed than ever

to bringing quality housing opportunities to the most vulnerable in our community and to improving the quality of

life of the people of the City of Newark. The initiatives we have completed most recently have done just that

and our upcoming initiatives promise to do the same.




Baxter Park South

Construction of 90 mixed-income apartments which included a host of green building components such as new solar panels that generate electricity for the building

The Waterfront

Construction of a state-of-the-art health and fitness facility for children and adults which features a rock climbing wall; a fitness center with free weights and cardio equipment; programs including zumba, group fitness, yoga, and self-defense; homework clubs and a full-size indoor gymnasium with high ceilings and bleachers

Chadwick Village Townhomes

Conversion of 34 shuttered and obsolete public housing units into 42 affordable housing townhomes. 15 of the 42 units receive residential support services via a partnership with The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - University Behavioral Health Care

NHA Promise Scholarship

Launched to increase the number of degreed residents throughout Newark and to further promote resident education and self-sufficiency. The scholarship targets youth living in properties served by NHA and provides the award recipients with the comfort of knowing that tuition will not prohibit their academic pursuits




$338 million of construction is slated to begin shortly which will deliver new mixed income housing,

renovated public housing, retail development, a vocational training center, a recreation center and new green space:


New Horizons Residences

89 new apartments

Baxter Park Phase II

330 new apartments and an affordable grocery store, pharmacy and bank

Montgomery Heights II

124 new apartments and retail

Lincoln Towers

200 renovated affordable senior units

Arena Village

70,000 sq. ft. park with an additional 35,000 sq. ft. of retail, restaurants and shops

Sonic Restaurant

Chain restaurant on Springfield Avenue

Training, Recreation and Entertainment Center (TREC)

State-of-the-art 24,000 sq. ft. job training center and neighborhood recreational facility

Dayton Street Area Redevelopment

A plan is underway to revitalize the Dayton Street area which includes the TREC

The Waterfront: Soccer Field

Construction of a new soccer field which will be paid via a grant from U.S. Soccer


We are constantly reminded that success comes to those that keep pushing forward even in the face of difficult odds.

But, success requires a proactive approach and so NHA has recently completed a five-year strategic plan that charts

our path forward. The plan promises to further modernize NHA and unleash its full potential while improving

efficiency, accountability and customer service. Over the next five years, NHA will continue to become more innovative

and entrepreneurial in completing our mission so that, despite the inevitable next wave of challenges, we will build

hundreds of new homes, encourage healthy lifestyles, and make higher education and vocational training

obtainable to our youth and families. Like Mayor Ras Baraka, we too believe in Newark and know that our best

is yet to come.




Keith Kinard


Newark Housing Authority