Vincent Rouse

Resident Services Director

   Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Pastor Vincent M. Rouse, Sr. spent his early adolescent years being educated in its’ public-school system. From attendance at Louise A. Spencer Elementary School, Project Link School and Essex Catholic High School, his educational grounding centered on a broad-based curriculum designed to ensure he excelled in core competencies and college readiness. Following high school graduation, He countinued his educational career at Jersey City State College in Jersey City, NJ and the College of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, New York.
   As one firmly committed to the City of Newark, for twelve years, Pastor Rouse worked tirelessly in the education space; serving in the very same system that provided his elementary and junior high education, but this time, as an Educator, Advisor and Community Relations Specialist. At present, he is employed with the Newark Housing Authority. He has served as the Business Manager of the Resident Economic Development Department and is currently serves as Senior Advisor for the Executive Office.
   Vincent Rouse is the Pastor of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. This Congregation is blessed of God and witnessing exponential growth spiritually, numerically and financially. Programmatic additions under his leadership include; “Dare to be Different” Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Music Ministry, the Golden Age Ministry, enhancement to the Christian Education Department and the Food Pantry and Community Feeding Ministry, which feeds 100’s of people every month.
   Vincent Rouse is the founder of the Pleasant House of Hope Community Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed to speak to the social ills of the day; homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse. Pleasant House of Hope partners with Hello Fresh® to deliver nutritious meal staples to Newark’s families weekly through 17 of Newark’s Public Schools. Real estate acquisitions have also been added to the church’s portfolio under the pastor’s tutelage, through the purchase of 208 Chadwick Avenue (headquarters for Pleasant House of Hope), as well as two additional parcels of land which serve as parking lots and a recreation area for the Pleasant House of Hope Summer Camp.
   Pastor Rouse’s goal is to replicate himself through the furthering of the tenets that had shaped his life. He has been privileged to provide supportive guidance and expansive growth opportunities to others in the development of laity.
   There has long been an assertion that the Great Commission demands involvement within and without the walls of the church; which mandates deliberate efforts to devise creative ways in which to seek to save the lost. Pastor Rouse endeavors to continue to seek ways in which to share his perspective and influence. Pastor Rouse has a number of leadership accolades in which he has been privileged to share his gifts. They include, Eastern Region Youth President of the Progressive Baptist Convention; Office Manager of The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ; Director New Hope’s Inspirational Choir; and Christian Bible Training (Christian Education). Also, Director New Eden Baptist Church Choir, Newark; Director St. John UFW Baptist Choir, Newark; and Vice President of the Progressive Baptist State Convention (notably the youngest & First non-Pastor President). Finally, he maintained leadership within Evangelistic Board of Newark andVicinity; as well as a member of “Kicking it with the King” Planning Board; President of Clinton Hill Churches United, and Advisor of the J. Lorraine Watson After-School tutorial program.
   Currently, Pastor Rouse serves as the Recording Secretary for the North Jersey Missionary Baptist Association, where the illustrious Rev. Dr. Ralph M. Branch, Jr. is Moderator. He is also the President of the South Ward Interfaith Alliance Community Development Corporation; Faith-Based Representative for Newark 2020 initiatives and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Marion P. Thomas Charter School.
   Pastor Rouse’s continual passion to serve as the catalyst for the development of two male mentorship organizations; EGOS (Elite Group of Students), and TCTF (Today’s Children; Tomorrows Future). He places tremendous importance on formulating initiatives for young boys and men, as these two groups are those he knows can yield much fruit.
   With a heart of compassion, Pastor Rouse believes in the untapped promise within the City of Newark and surrounding communities, and it is his Christ that enables him to be the extension of love, grace, and mercy, needed within our world; to win souls for the Lord “up-reach, outreach, and in-reach.”
   While it is essential to Pastor Rouse in making sure he is casting his service to others as wide as possible, his top priorities rest with his family, and he is the proud husband of Natasha Johnson-Rouse, and together, they are privileged to rear three image-bearers for Christ; Cameron, Vincent Jr., and Victoria.