The NHA has a significant interest in preventing the commission of crimes such as trespass, vandalism, illegal drug activity, and other harmful and improper behavior within and adjacent to its property. The Public Safety Department works with local, state, and federal partners to locate, investigate and/or capture individuals who commit criminal activity in or around NHA’s public housing communities. It is this department’s mission to reduce crime within the public communities.

NHA Investigative Unit

The mission of this unit is to receive, initiate investigations received from NHA residents, staff and the general public. This unit also addresses Property Managers and Executive Staff concerns regarding criminal activity i.e. narcotics distribution and gun violence at our sites. The staff of the unit consists of four (4) retired Newark Police Officers, whose experience includes general, narcotics, and gang related investigations. The unit also consists of other support staff.

Each investigator is assigned to collaborate with NHA property managers from five (5) zones within the City of Newark. They handle any and all issues received from managers relating to criminal activity.

NHA/Newark Special Police Officers

Earlier this year, NHA inducted 10 Newark Police Officers into NHA as NHA/Newark Special Police Officers.

The new special police detail is responsible for the safety of all of NHA’s public housing communities, including the safety and security of residents, employees and visitors. The officers are focused on community policing and are very engaged with the residents, especially since some of the officers grew up within NHA’s housing communities. NHA will be inducting more officers in the coming months.